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Some things psychology students are tired of hearing

I’ll admit, I have caught myself saying this too, but it’s not necessarily true.

Some things psychology students are tired of hearing

I’ll admit, I have caught myself saying this too, but it’s not necessarily true. You might have a particular order for how you like things to go, but no, you do not have OCD because of it. However, there are individuals living with a real Obsessive Compulsive Disorder diagnosis. These individuals are in therapy and/or on medication to deal with their obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior. So no, just because you can’t have your food touching doesn’t mean that you are so “OCD.”


“Are you psychoanalysing me right now?”

No. Really I’m not. I met you about 30 seconds ago, and I know barely anything about you. We’re not trained to analyse people on first glance, as much fun as that would be.

“Let me tell you all my problems”

Please don’t. I’m not a trained counselor, I can offer you no professional help or guidance to fix every little thing wrong with you’re life. I’m sorry, really I am.

“Friends and family discount for therapy then?”

I managed to fake a laugh the first two or three times I heard this, but it is beyond a joke now (although the majority of my friends and family do most definitely need therapy).

“You definitely have to go to graduate school to get a job right?

Although a good amount for people who graduate with a bachelor’s in psychology do go on to graduate school, it isn’t necessary to start a career. Since a psychology degree can be so flexible and applicable in a range of fields, a person does not necessarily have to continue school just to use their degree.

“Psychology is really easy.”

Sure, the psych class you took in high school or to fulfill a GEP your freshman year of college may not have been the most strenuous course in the world but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Although we don’t take a ton of math and natural science classes, that doesn’t mean our course load can’t get heavy at times… I mean what is more complicated than the human brain

“That’s so girly”

The subject is female-dominated at the moment, yes, but more men are taking the course than ever before. The majority of lecturers are male, and the content is definitely not “feminine”.

“So it’s a social science then?”

This scathing remark and its accompanied sneer tends to come from students studying science such as biology, chemistry, or biochemistry. There are still a lot of people who think psychology is not a real subject.

Some vague and probably inaccurate reference they want to make to Freud…

“You love your mother? See, really that just means you want to kill your dad.” Freud had some of the most extreme theories in the history of research, and they are largely unrepresentative of what we actually study!

“What do you want to do with that?”

Psychology is renowned for being interdisciplinary and leading to very open career opportunities. Not everyone who studies psychology is going to become a psychologist, and, in fact, a lot of us have no idea what we want to do – no need to put the pressure on!

“What a surprise”

You have to imagine this phrase dripping in sarcasm. In recent years, psychology has been one of the fastest-growing degrees in higher education, with more and more students taking it on each year. It makes total sense that it seems like everybody does psychology!






compiler: Talieh Asadollahi(scientific-educational team, house of psychologists, counselors and supportive occupations)

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